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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

welcome to Jenn Yarborough's Poetry corner

Welcome! My name is Jenn Yarborough. I have created this blog for cataloging my poetry. I have a few which I am making available as hand written calligraphy to frame on the wall.  (I love my Calligraphy pen!) If you happen to be in the Fayetteville, NC area, and can meet me at Headquarters Library, I will give a hefty discount, just $5 per poem, without frames. (cash only discount).

Because I feel the best most cost effective way to keep the paper unfolded, and protected is to ship them in the frame, I have decided this is the only way I will ship. because of Paypal fees, and other considerations I have decided $20 should cover the cost of the frame, the shipping, the fees, the shipping materials, and the travel to and from the post office, plus a little extra for all the extra effort. (I'm a one woman show here...)

My poetry tends to be religious, or metaphorical in nature, generally with a positive perspective, (once finished anyway) even though it speaks of hard or depressing issues.  I am inspired by my life, my religion, the books I've read, the places I've been, and friends, family, and sometimes even strangers.  If you know me well, and a poem might be speaking of you, .... I do leave names out, so no one will ever be the wiser.....(well except perhaps the obvious one about my hubby-- Love You Sweetie!!!)

a lot of my poems here are unfinished, or lack titles, or seem like they could be combined. I have all of them written in a notebook, and as I work on them, (pencil is fantastic) I will update here.  when I have enough really good poems, I intend to make them into a e'book and sell it on facebook through my page: where I have pictures of my Art and Crafts and Calligraphy

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